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Chiropractic Fees


Initial Consultation:



Subsequent sessions:

 £35.00 per treatment

£1.00 extra charge for taping per area

Student Concession:

  £27.00 per treatment


  £40.00 per report

Emergency appointments


Initial Consultation - £80

Session - £50


Modality Fees:


Initial Consultation: 


(includes electrodes and first session)


Subsequent sessions:

  £33.00 per session (1 modality)

£45.00 per session (2 modalities)



We do not have x-ray or MRI facilities at our practice, you will be referred externally and billed directly if these are required.

*Please note that we require a minimum of 24 hours notice should you need to cancel your appointments.


Missed Appointments without notice will be charged a the full fee.


We accept cash and have card facilities.

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