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Modality Treatment

At Pink Chiropractic we use ultrasound and interferential therapy in conjunction with chiropractic treatment or as a

stand-alone treatment, our chiropractor Supriya will be in charge of your treatment. 

We are able to help with a number of conditions with ultrasound and interferential treatment. Occasionally, we combine the treatment with dry needling


You do not need to be referred for ultrasound and interferential treatment.


Please call us for further information at 01592 201 469.

"Supriya was amazing, she was very friendly and explained everything she was going to do as she went along. She told me that I would need 6 - 8 treatments, and that she would do a mix of needling in my neck  and ultrasound in my arm/elbow. Each treatment lasted 40 - 45 minutes. Each time I visited things got a bit better, the pain seemed to move around a bit as treatment progressed and she worked with that. She also gave me exercises to do between visits. 

By the time I was finished I was pain free in all areas and able to go and enjoy my summer holiday. Don't assume that painkillers and rest will fix problems like this, the specialist treatment I received resolved all of my problems in a period of about 3 weeks."






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